Doverodde Book Arts Festival

What is the difference between book art and book repair, book restauration? Book restauration is, when my studio is exeedingly cheerful. And book arts means the studio is  complete in a mess. But I have to hurry, this book is for the DOVERODDE BOOK ARTS FESTIVAL The subject is: At the margins, I want to be ready with the book at saterday, sunday, at the 10th of april it will in Doverodde Denmark. It is a great pleasure for me, I can made a contribution for this wonderful book arts festival, thanks to Mette-Sofie D. Ambeck , she accepted my application. And in between a had to wash and fold the laundry. But thats what my book is about: Bookmaking and washing and the sun and the wind, dreams and all that stuff. Very unsearchable.

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