Long live the artefact

2009 habe ich mir solche Buchkalender gemacht. Man kann ja nicht Künstlerbücher machen und dann die gekauften Taschenkalender für 4,95 Euro benutzen  und ich arbeite auch nicht bei einer Bank. Für jede Woche die Tage, MO bis FR auf eine Seite, man sieht sofort, wo die einzelnen Tage sind und dann, wenn ich was zu notieren hatte habe ich die Seiten weiter ausgemalt. Und kurz danach habe ich auf der Seite vom Melton Prior Institute die Seite von D.B. Dowd gefunden.

Is this stuff not wonderful? Artist books! D.B. Dowd is an Illustrator and Professor of Visual Communication at the Washington University in St Louis. His Blog: Here. It was amazing for me, that at the same time I was concerned with this calender books I find in the world wide web, in this unmanageable world wide sea of blogs someone who is concerend with the same subjekt, with the same feeling for these commercial books and the love for the selfmade, the drawn books. I made a comment on his blog post and some times later D.B.  Dowd looked at my blog, looked at the concertina artist books, Ive made the last days, great pleasure for me, he liked these books, and what could I better do then send him this book. 
I like this story. I mean, I have often troubles to find someone in this city I would like to show my books, who is interessted in drawings? In small artist books? And I think I would not make these books without the internet, or rather some people, mainly some blog people. Three of my artist books are in an permanent exibition in university artist books librarys in  the UK. Well, maybe it is my problem, but I can not imagine this could happen in a german library. And now I am pleased as Punch: This small book is in St. Louis. 

D. B. Dowd wrote this on his Blog:   There's an event that can't be imagined without the crazy power of the internet. I rue certain aspects of online culture–particularly the dominance of searching as a mode, as distinguished from browsing–but the unpredictable point-to-point connections are wonderful. Of course that very connection was sealed with a physical object, packed up by one person, handled by plenty others en route, and received by another.Long live the artifact.But absent our two blogs, neither of us would know of the other. 

D.B. Dowd, thank you for this story, we two bloggers had written. To be continued.

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