"The view calmed me. Saved by an act of observation." D.B. Dowd

A very new picture at my studio wall. It arrived yesterday in my post box. It came from the US, the city of St Louis, Missouri, from my blogger friend D.B. Dowd. I am very pleased about this gift sent in return. Along with this drawing came a illustrated journal SPARTAN HOLYDAY from D.B. I am reading and translating since very late yesterday, a wonderful magizine, sentences to keep in mind, to show the ropes to me. An excerpt: "To celebrate a Spartan Holiday is to wring pleasure from modest stuff. To look and listen, to get a fix on things as they are. To embrace the vernacular. To enliven a rainy day.
To gain independence from the media narrative of the week. Honor the actual. Observe, slowly. Engage the world like a traveler, canny but agape, wether five or fifty or 5,000 miles from home."
Isnt that nearly the same I say to myself, when I get on my bycicle, with a pencil and some paper in my rucksack? When I make the "adventure journeys in the nearest neighborhood" with the children from the kindergarden, when we went out, to visit the bakery, the abbey, the old railroad embankment, sitting there, anywhere in our town at the wayside, looking and drawing, both as an adventure, I nearly used the same words to discribe this kindergardenproject to the parents, and the kindergardenteam and the children? And another sentence in this journal followed me since yesterday. D.B. as a child, in the evening, in his bed, a window looked out from his room down to a busy four lane, with nighttime panorama of traffic and: "The view calmed me. Saved by an act of observation." What a sentence! Dear D.B., isnt that the same we are still doing today, looking out of a window, maybe the window is only in our eyes, in our minds, our souls, our psyche, outside, on our ways through this world, we stop, look, listen and were saved by an act of observation? And then we tell about this rescue, writing and drawing? Thank you, D.B., thank you.

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