Work is not just work

Ich lese mal wieder: The Complete Tassajara Cookbook von Edward Espe Brown. Immer wenn ich da "cooking" lese, denke ich, es könnte da auch stehen: im Garten arbeiten, das Haus aufräumen, Wäsche waschen, die Steuererklärung machen, die Kinder in die Schule fahren, Bücher reparieren, zeichnen, fotografieren.
 Zitat aus dem Vorwort: "And this seems so rare, that we could encourage each other to know and trust our inherent good-heartedness and our capacity to sense and know for ourselves, to respond, offering our sincere effort. This becomes a major life undertaking, as mostly people understand that if you want to do something, you get a recipe for how to do it so that it will come out right (and you will not have struggle). You follow the directions, you do what you are told, and things will come out the way they should. While I have been encouraging people to wake up, to taste and smell, to learn and know for themselves how to cook." 
..and learn for ourselfs how to live.

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